Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pink the Primaries

Suffrage is simply not enough; women have to run for office.  What we saw once again on January 21, 2017 is that women are powerful. Women mobilized that day in a manner that embraced diversity and encouraged dialogue. Salient points were made peacefully.  So, paint the primaries in this country pink.  Indeed, we know the model works because that’s how the Tea Party came to hold so much sway in Congress.  What they have taught is that the system can be changed from the bottom up and that it does not take very many congress people to make an impact.  Their model works for promoting a political agenda.

A Pink Party would have much broader appeal, however, because pink is a universal color. It does not matter if women are conservative or liberal, part of a green, blue, or red political wave. What unifies women is pink (like it or not). It is not just women’s reproductive tissues (vaginas, to be precise) that are pink, but inside every woman, man, and child is pink tissue. Even Yoda’s innards were pink (weren’t they?). Pink is human, no matter one’s hair color, skin color, or gender identity. Like it or not, if you wear a pussyhat, in some way you represent us all.  So put your pussyhat on the ballot, and make a real difference.  If women get on the ballot because they claim the color pink, then challengers have to face the pink movement. 

Tap into that movement; take Saturday’s march to the ballot. Take your fundamental and diverse abilities into politics.  Men can be pink too, but there are already a lot of us in politics.  Here are some slogans:

Pink the Primaries
Paint the Primaries Pink
The Pink Party
Put Pussyhats on the Ballot
Pink is the new red, white, and blue
50 shades of pink
DC, the 51st shade of pink?
Knitting is hack-proof

I am sure you can think of many others, and though it is fun to do so, the matters at hand are serious. Comic relief helps, but only a diverse, new political front will succeed.

Acknowledgements: I wrote this for my sister who is a PhD level researcher for the EPA.  She can’t say much right now, but she can probably get away with “look at what my crazy-ass brother did.” I love you, Sis.  And, it is my Dad who pointed out to me that things won’t change unless new Americans get on primary ballots.  Smart guy; pink all the way.

Credits: If you like these ideas, claim them as your own and spread them around. If you don’t, ignore them, and have a nice day.

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